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Data Centres
Argent supplies the ‘Rack Solution’ when in the Data Centre environment. Racks, PDU’s, Intelligent PDU’s, Cable Management are just part of what can be offered.
Argent have supplied Racks, Solutions and Services to Radio Stations, Television Studios and many other media outlets throughout Australia.
Health Hospitals
Argent racks have been supplied to numerous health projects around the country. With many diverse applications in the range, Argent has the offering to cover any project.
All varieties of our range of racks are supplied to Universities and schools, varying from 2 post patching racks to full height Server cabinets.
Transport & Infrastructure
Argent racks are by transport and infrastructure companies throughout Australia. Custom racks for custom situations are Argent’s specialty.
Argent are rack suppliers to many of Australia’s phone & ISP networks
SCEC Security Racks B & C Class have been supplied to many defence divisions in the Australian Armed Forces. Customised racks that ‘off the shelf’ sizes do not suit, are often made to to suit special applications.
High Security & SCEC racks are frequently supplied to many different government agencies in both Australia & NZ. Special requirements in bespoke conditions are where Argent excels with customised solutions for a end result
Argent has listened closely to the requirements of retail customers and subsequently have designed & manufactured custom racks to the end users requirements, that ultimately makes the application more user friendly and efficient.
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We employ local staff who are proud to stand behind the Argent design and quality. With Manufacturer warranty on 25, 40 & 50 Series products, shows we have confidence in what we put out to the market.

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