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Wilson & Gilkes supplies a range of products and components to various industries every week. That experience assists our Argent business partners to identify any issues before they occur, or offer suggestions to improve the project.
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Wilson & Gilkes manages 100% of all steps in the design and manufacture process. You can speak to an Argent team member who is directly involved in managing the project.
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Argent has a unique blend of world class manufacturing technology, combined with a team of experienced skilled engineers and designers. Argent products are designed, fabricated, powder coated and assembled by Wilson & Gilkes.

Argent supplies on time, in full, to agreed specifications

Custom Made Racks, SCEC Racks or Standard Server Racks & Enclosures

Argent is a leading manufacturer of server racks, cabinets, enclosures and server room solutions to the Australian data and communications industries. Our products are proudly designed and built in Australia to strict design and manufacturing standards.

Argent provides secure data storage solutions that are 100% reliable. Argent’s complete single site Australian design, manufacture and supply service enables us to give a 10 year warranty for 25, 40 & 50 Series racks & storage units.

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Making ideas turn into reality is one of Argent’s traits. We listen to the customers requirement, and work together to build an end result that gives both pride and results. Why not try Argent and your innovative idea?
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Quality ISO 9001

Real quality is a ongoing commitment to improvement. Feedback from staff and clients is part of that quality program. The Wilson & Gilkes ISO 9001 accreditation is regularly reviewed by external auditors.
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Argent is well respected within the Manufacturing Industry. With an Australian based workforce and no supply chain issues, Argent can design, make and supply your product within the project timeframe.

Australian Designed &
Australian Made

We employ local staff who are proud to stand behind the Argent design and quality. With a 10yr warranty on 25, 40 & 50 Series products, shows we have confidence in what we put out to the market.

Data Centres
Argent supplies the ‘Rack Solution’ when in the Data Centre environment. Racks, PDU’s, Intelligent PDU’s, Cable Management are just part of what can be offered.
Argent have supplied Racks, Solutions and Services to Radio Stations, Television Studios and many other media outlets throughout Australia.
Health Hospitals
Argent racks have been supplied to numerous health projects around the country. With many diverse applications in the range, Argent has the offering to cover any project.
All varieties of our range of racks are supplied to Universities and schools, varying from 2 post patching racks to full height Server cabinets.
Transport & Infrastructure
Argent racks are by transport and infrastructure companies throughout Australia. Custom racks for custom situations are Argent’s specialty.
Argent are rack suppliers to many of Australia’s phone & ISP networks
SCEC Security Racks B & C Class have been supplied to many defence divisions in the Australian Armed Forces. Customised racks that ‘off the shelf’ sizes do not suit, are often made to to suit special applications.
High Security & SCEC racks are frequently supplied to many different government agencies in both Australia & NZ. Special requirements in bespoke conditions are where Argent excels with customised solutions for a end result
Argent has listened closely to the requirements of retail customers and subsequently have designed & manufactured custom racks to the end users requirements, that ultimately makes the application more user friendly and efficient.

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Argent can offer a PROJECT DELIVERY GUARANTEE PROGRAM. This is available to program partners. Argent can also offer options to save time and costs on site. Contact Argent for details.
Argent can help save you $$ on your project by pre-loading your racks, so you have your rack arrive onsite already configured – no rubbish, no loading of equipment = time and money saved.
Argent reviews every request based on merit. No job is too small or too big. We work with our customers to produce an equitable result.

As Argent has its own in house powder coating line, we can accommodate painting racks and cabinets different colours

Argent will work closely with the end user to co-ordinate delivery in special situations? Rubbish removal & rack placement are just a few of the services we offer to help the ease of installation.

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Our Latest News

Argent provides updates on new products, new installations, design innovations and tips on security enclosures.

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