Argent SCEC experience proves vital in security server rack installation requiring additional cable capacity

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Argent SCEC Class B case study

Argent solves B Class server rack cable entry challenge

One of Argent’s flagship in-house capabilities is designing and manufacturing SCEC Class B and Class C security server racks.

When a major problem was identified with a rack installation for a particular project, Argent drew on its resources, went swiftly back to the drawing board, and implemented changes that enabled the installation to meet all security compliance specifications.

Argent solves SCEC compliant cable entry challenge

The Challenge

The clients ordered a standard Argent C Class Rack with eight standard SCEC

cable entry ports and baffles. However, it soon became apparent the rack’s intended purpose as a patch panel rack needed significantly more capacity for

cable entry through the top, therefore the design had to be modified. This change to an existing Class B enclosure is a significant challenge. 

Argent Solution

With the site installation underway, efficiency was a priority without causing any compromise to specifications.

Over a Zoom meeting, Argent and the clients were able to determine the exact requirements and turn around a suitable design within 24 hours. The design was a SCEC-compliant cable entry baffle system that allowed the clients to acquire 18 cable entry ports.

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Drawings and 3D models were created to present the concept before any actual changes were implemented. Installers and the security client were able to see the detailed proposed solution and could sign off with the confidence that a major project problem would be solved by Argent.

Working with Argent, the client was able to transport the rack to the Wilson & Gilkes’ factory where the design and manufacturing team turned around the modification within a few days and returned the rack to the customer.

The installation contractor told us:

“We had issues with rack cabling capacity at one stage in the project. Our client is a defence contractor and each rack has to meet a certain security requirement, so we can’t just drill extra holes in by ourselves. To work through that particular issue, Argent got everyone together on a Zoom meeting and we went through it.

“Argent collected the rack, put more entries in for us, and dropped it back. Whenever I needed anything Argent turned around quotes just as efficiently. They were really good.”

SCEC Expertise
Argent has extensive knowledge and experience of SCEC security specifications for server racks. We provide our clients with options guides for cable entries during the initial enquiry.

Australian Defence Bases and other security organisations use the design and manufacturing services offered by Argent in their ICT systems.

Argent has third party audited ISO 9001 quality certification. This system provides assurance to clients like Sydney Trains that they will receive a quality server rack. The Argent team conducts QA tests in the factory prior to shipment.

Disruptions to global supply chains have highlighted the value of working with Australian manufacturers. Argent server racks are 100% designed, fabricated, painted, assembled, and despatched in Sydney. All key processes are onsite.

Not only can Argent offer certainty of supply, we can also customise the product to suit the project or client.

Contact or 02 9914 0900 for specific information and/or a quote.

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