Argent server racks are 100% designed and manufactured in Australia. There are no supply chain delays.

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  • Argent server racks are 100% designed and manufactured in Australia. There are no supply chain delays.

No supply chain delays for Argent server racks. Argent can guarantee supply of server racks

In recent times Australia has experienced extensive delays to supply chains. Availability of imported goods is often uncertain and delivery times can range from weeks to many months. Forecasts indicate many of these delays will continue for the foreseeable future.

Argent can guarantee supply of server racks.  

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Argent server racks are 100% designed, fabricated, painted, assembled and despatched in Sydney. All key processes are on site.

Not only can Argent offer certainty of supply, we can also customise to suit the project or the client.

Customise service can include;

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Server rack height, width and depth sizes

Argent has designed and supplied server racks with specific sizes to suit particular data centre spaces. Our customise design team has provided a client 25% additional space in the server rack to sell to their clients.

Specific sever rack colours

Argent inhouse powder coat facility offers a massive range of colour options. These customs colours have been implemented on corporate racks and SCEC class B and Class c server racks.  

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Argent 30 Series

Argent 30 Series racks are an ideal choice for high quality, structurally strong racks at a reasonable cost. The unique ‘H’ frame design is a key innovation for the Argent 30 Series server rack. This ‘H’ frame provides cabinet rigidity and generous cable entry paths. The creative design square patterned cable ladder provides ease of cable installation.

Argent Class B & Class C Server Racks

Argent can assist with the meeting the SCEC server rack specifications, and the project requirements. Cable entries are an important aspect to consider with SCEC server racks. Argent will assist clients with cable entry designs before manufacturing of the server rack commences.

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The Argent team conduct QA tests in the factory prior to shipment. Contact or T: 02 9914 0900

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