• Defence sites
• Government Bodies/Departments
• Secure data server/communication rooms
• Data Centres Secure / High Density

• SCEC endorsed June 2016
• IEC & Industry standard sizes make selection easy
• Custom sizing available
• Perforated doors with 3 point locking. Optional polycarbonate window or solid doors
• Side panels. Optional ventilated side panel
• Wide range of thermal & cable management accessories
• Finish – Powder coat black, other colours available
• KABA Class B digital combination locking mechanism
• Class C – Specified key system

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• Fan tops (thermostatic control options)
• Scalable Hiflow doors
• Directional fan trays (used at hot spots)
• Cable Management
• Shelving

• PDU’s (tool-less technology), PDU Trays (on request)
• Shelving (19” mounting & cantilever vented and solid fixed & slide out versions)
• Vertical finger cable managers Horizontal Duct & Ring cable managers
• Plinth with leveling feet
• Airdam/Baffle kit for thermal management
• Power distribution units single & three phase
• Air containment system – cold aisle & hot aisle
• Data Security Cages

SCEC Class B & Class C Rack Sizes

• B&C Class SCEC Approved Design Rack – IEC 60297
• Available in wall mount series: 6RU / 12RU / 18RU
• Available in free standing series: 18RU / 27RU / 39RU / 42RU / 45RU / 46RU
• Available depths: 700 / 800 / 900 / 1000 / 1050 / 1100 / 1200mm
• Useable Equipment Space – see Height, Width, Depth information below
• Full welded equipment rack for the protection of classified material
• Fully welded zinc anneal steel frame, all panels are made from zinc anneal steel
• Perforated rack doors with 3 point locking (standard option) or solid door or 6mm polycarbonate window
• Doors incorporated with either C Class L handled bilock (keyed alike) or B Class combination locks, KABA X10 series
• Doors >180 degree opening access
• All side panels are solid form & internally secured
• Comes with 4× Vertical Mounting Angles, RU Labeled
• Racks are individually serialized, name plated with identification with registry record
• Discrete ventilation on side panels (on request)
• 50 pack hardware fixing kits with each rack

• Welded steel 4 post frame
• 4× Vertical Mounting Angles
• 2× Cable Trays
• Security Cable Baffle Kits
• 50× Fixing kits

• Perforated, solid and Polycarbonate doors
• Choice of B or C Class locking mechanisms
• Hinge pins allow easy door removal during maintenance
• Left or Right hinged door options

• Solid side panels

• Includes top and bottom panels

• 2 Pairs of vertical mounting angles in each rack
(additional rails available on request)
• RU Labeled angles
• Square punched holes to accept cage nuts
• Chassis support rails (available on request)

• 1200kg
• Earth Bar
• Earth Stud
• Earth wiring cord (component attaching accessory)

• SCEC Approved June 2016
• QA Accreditation ISO 9001

• Steel body, rails, doors & panels (polycarbonate window option to door)

• Fully Welded Frame
• Mounting angles bolted to frame
• Sides, internally secured
• Doors hinged with secure locking mechanism options

• Powder Coat: Black, Other colours available (on request)

• Cable entry into the Argent 50 Series rack is a critical component of the SCEC specification
• Argent has extensive experience in design and manufacture of the Class B and Class C enclosures
• Argent can assist with options for approved cable entries and help select the best option for the application
• Please contact Argent for more information on this important aspect of a SCEC approved rack

50 specs

SCEC – Class B & Class C Server Rack Guidance

One of Argent’s flagship in-house capabilities is designing and manufacturing SCEC Class B and Class C security server racks.

Argent works with Engineers, Technicians IT professionals every month on SCEC approved storage unit designs and advice.

Two examples of the specialised SCEC rack enquiries received are;

Dual or Triple compartment SCEC server racks

Argent can design and manufacture Dual or Triple compartment SCEC server racks.

A sample project with that requirement;

Our client’s security facility project required SCEC server racks to be installed in an area of the building with very limited space. The solution was Argent SCEC sever racks that were designed into small towers or stacks. Each tower contained two or three secure units.

“NDY’s client had very specific specifications with regards to switch sizes for this particular project. We worked with Argent to develop a deeper rack to accommodate the client’s requirements while making it small enough to fit in a confined space. Within a couple weeks, Argent had data sheets and schematics and drawings all drafted to meet that requirement. There was a lot of flexibility on Argent’s end to come up with an updated design in such a short time period.”

-Christopher Khoo
Senior Associate at Norman, Disney & Young

Download Product PDF: Click here

SCEC Class B & Class C Server Rack cable entry advice and designs

Cable entry is a very important aspect when ordering a SCEC Class B & Class C server rack. This is one of the critical features of the security design. Please be aware, cable entries are part of the SCEC rack manufacture process.
Argent can provide SCEC server rack clients a guide that contains various options for approved cable entries into the enclosure.

The Argent team are always available to assist with the cable access options.

A recent SCEC server rack project had 18 cable entries that were fitted by the Argent assembly team.