Sydney Trains supports Argent server racks that are 100% designed and manufactured in Australia

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Argent server racks are manufactured in Sydney for Sydney Trains

Argent server racks are in use across Australia. Sydney trains, Australian Defence Bases and other Government bodies use the design and manufacturing services offered by Argent in their ICT systems. Argent server racks are in use at the state-of-the-art Rail Operations Centre (ROC) in Sydney.

Argent has third party audited ISO 9001 quality certification. This system provides assurance to clients such as Sydney Trains that they will receive a quality server rack. The Argent team conduct QA tests in the factory prior to shipment.

Disruptions to Global supply chains have highlighted the value in working with Australian manufacturers. Argent server racks are 100% designed, fabricated, painted, assembled, and despatched in Sydney. All key processes are on site.

Argent is part of the Wilson & Gilkes group that is celebrating 75 years of Australian manufacturing success. Sydney Trains and other valued partners have played a role in this history. 

Not only can Argent offer certainty of supply, we can also customise to suit the project or the client.

A popular feature of the Argent range is the in-post PDU. A unique solution to allow more server rack space for other equipment. An example of the in-post PDU ca be seen in the image included. This was a recent Sydney Trains server rack that was being assembled by the Argent team. 

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Argent SCEC racks and PSN racks

Argent supplies a number of SCEC approved B Class and C Class products for use in security applications. Argent PSN racks are another option for government organistions where a secure rack is required.

Argent can assist clients with designs before manufacturing of the server rack commences.

Contact or T: 02 9914 0900

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